I am a sensitive and live with my extended family from the spirit world. Actually we get along very well! At the age of 8 years I began my life with the departed. My daughter started getting visits around 3 years of age. We (my daughter and I) are visited almost daily. Even some of my pets that have passed on have visited occasionally.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Never Alone

As I laid down on my bed the other night, I just put my head on the pillow when I heard the key in my antique cabinet door turn and as I watched, the glass door opened all the way, slowly. The next day the shower upstairs turned on, which hasn't happened for quite awhile. I guess we have a clean ghost!
One night as I was talking on the phone sitting at my kitchen table, I felt something at the nape of my neck (which I thought was a couple of my long hairs that maybe got caught on the neckline of my nightgown). It was as if you took your index finger and wrapped a couple hairs around it and kept twirling them. So I ran my hand down the back of my neck and kept talking. Again I felt that twirling of my hair on the back of my neck and then realized thats exactly what was happening except no one was home but me, and as I ran my hand down the back of my neck again it (the spirit) brushed the top of my head as it flew right over me and left.
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