I am a sensitive and live with my extended family from the spirit world. Actually we get along very well! At the age of 8 years I began my life with the departed. My daughter started getting visits around 3 years of age. We (my daughter and I) are visited almost daily. Even some of my pets that have passed on have visited occasionally.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Its been a while since I've been on my blog

Its been awhile since i've been on my blog. I have been having reoccuring problems from a back injury. So sitting by my computer has been a real pain!
So the other evening I'm thinking, what can I post about?
I know, I can talk about my "cemetery feelings" since I had a couple this week. What I call cemetery feeling is a psychic flash, and all of a sudden I feel myself standing in a cemetery. I can see it all around me, feel it, smell the flowers, hear the birds in the quiet peaceful space.
And after a few seconds I'm back. This happened to me a couple of times this week, so I told my daughter someone we know is going to pass to the other side. That was tuesday, wednesday evening a dear friend of mine called, and in a very sad voice she told me that her mom had died.